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Mountain man sneaky owl

Loved the name and the label is cool back story is pretty neat too. But the important stuff the brown red liquid inside the bottle disappointed. As mentioned it pours brown red like old smithwicks, nose gives some mature fruit, toffee and biscuit. Palate is overly carbonated and takes from taste I left some aside for later and this allowed flavour to come out. Big digestive biscuit and sweet malt palate. 1/5

A few May Beers


Charles Wells / Dogfish Head DNA New World IPA 4.5%

Light orange brown in colour. Malty taste, not very much hop notes. Pretty bland IPA. 1/5


Birra del Borgo Re Ale 6.4%

Pours a clear brown/Amber with beige head. Smells malty, hoppy notes more European than new world. Tastes malty and bitter. Leaves a gentle maltysweet palate. Ok beer 3/5


Redchurch Shoreditch Blonde 4.5%

Pours clear golden colour with a small white head. Orange peel and some grapefruits on the nose. Grassy palate with grapefruit and gooseberry flavor Very simple but refreshing brew. 2.5/5

Redchurch Paradise Pale Ale 3.7%

Pours cloudy golden colour with a large white head. Orange and mandarin mostly on the nose, slight floral hop notes. Nice bitter palate, grapefruits, orange, some lemon. Very quaffable, refreshing. 3/5

Redchurch Bethnal Pale Ale 5.5%

Poured like a red ale with a lacing beige head. The aroma has notes of citrus fruits and hops. The flavor is sweet with notes of malt, caramel, citrus fruits, and dusty hops, leading to a bitter finish. 3/5 

Note on all Redchurch beers all were unfiltered and had quite a lot of sediment in bottle 

A little thorny

I was recently given a few bottle of some of a favourite pair of beers of mine and as far as I can remember I’ve not blogged about them so here we go. A little bit on the brewery, the Thornbridge Brewery is an independent brewery founded and formerly situated in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall near Bakewell, Derbyshire, England and they produce some of the cleanest freshest beers I’ve had the pleasure of imbibing (double word score). First up I had the Kipling Pacific pale ale  

Pours a light gold colour and a medium sized, foamy, off-white head that was soon gone. Subtle aromas of pine grass and citrus fruit. Sweet citrus fruit in the mouth at the start then some pineapple. Clean and fresh and dangerously drinkable 4/5

Next up the Jaipur IPA 

Pours golden with nice thick, medium, white head. Good lacing. Starts with nice malty note, then bright citrus zesty aroma, touch of tropical fruits. Fresh bitter, orange peel, grapefruit, light pine flavours. The Finish is bittersweet. Very refreshing beer. Nice, well balanced, refreshing an very drinkable IPA, easily in my top five favourite beers. 5/5

Of wolf and beer

I first heard about Wicklow wolf on the sunday business show on Today fm when they were discussing Ireland’s growing craft beer movement and it was enough to entice me to search out their brews. Now unfortunately when a terribly services in Galway when it comes to off-licenses for beer, bars are great but sometimes you just wanna sample at home. Anyway I managed to source some bottles in our local O’Briens.


First up the American Amber 5%

Pours a dark amber nearly brown. With a thin coffee white head. The nose gives lovely biscuity malt with some fresh hop notes.The mouth has good body and plenty of caramel biscuit notes with hints of bitter hops but not much. A simple beer but I enjoyed it for that reason. 3/5


Next up their dry hopped IPA 6.3% Despite the dry hop mention in the name I wasn’t expecting much hoppy fun here after trying the Amber. Poured a murky colour similar to tea left in the pot too long. The nose gives some orange and pine notes over an off smell can’t put my finger on it! The palate has some citrus towards grapefruit with sweet Carmel undertones. All the ingredients for a good IPA but out of balance, seems to be a standard with Irish IPAs at the minute. 2.5/5

Super Bowl Beers


Super Bowl Sunday last week was a great excuse to sample a few beers, luckily the fridge was well stocked and i had picked up a new beer the previous Friday so that was a great place to start.


Metalman Pale Ale 4.3%. I have always enjoyed this on tap as a sessionable beer and was delighted to see it available in cans (they really had to go that way with the name didn’t they?!) Pours a nice clear amber colour although the can suggests you may get some haze. The nose  is floral, citrus and grassy hops. Medium body and smooth mouth-feel.  Finish is fruit and bitterness. Really easy to drink and refreshing. One worth having in the fridge as the go to beer for non beer types. 4/5



Next up the White Hag ‘Fionnabhair’ Irish Wit Beer 5.2% Let me preface this with a note that I have only met a few Wit beers that i like and this one wasn’t one of them. Pours a lovely golden blond colour with a very aromatic nose of straw, orange peel, spice, clove and coriander. The taste is pretty heavy of the spice notes particulary the coriander with some citrus fruit, and buckets of carbonation. overall this beer really disappointed. 2/5 ( I also sampled the White Hag Samhain 6.2% which is their octoberfest beer but that went down the sink after a sip so would be unfair to wax lyrical on it but hopefull will pick up another one soon.)



Last chance for the White Hag to impress with an Irish IPA named after Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s dogs Bran & Sceolan 7.2%. Poured a nice chestnut brown with a bubbly white head. The nose has some piney citrus notes over sweet malt backbone. the palate has lots of sweet malt and bitter hops but they seem as two separate beers merged rather than a balanced single beer. Serious over carbonation in the glass. 2.5/5 Unfortunately the White Hag Beers didn’t stand up to what I had heard, but hey plenty of beers out there.



Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale 5.9% Poured a copper colour with a nice hoppy nose with hints of orange rind, spicy lemon grass and tropical fruits. Nice malty body and some hop fruit notes  before a sweet and bitter after-taste. 3/5



Anchor Steam Beer 4.9% Poured a clear orange amber colour with a lacy off-white head. The nose is a  mix of malt and orange citrus.  The taste is toffee, malt, and fleshy fruits. Has a smooth light malty body with a dry hoppy and long finish. 3/5

Blacks Black IPA & Beerd Vigilante

Went for a few quiet halfs and some reading this evening and sampled these fine beers, Buxton Jaw Gate, Blacks Black IPA and Beerd Vigilante. Really enjoyed all 3.

Buxton Jaw Gate American IPA 5.6%
Pours brown Amber colour. Smells really nice, a lot of malt but a bunch of tropical, citrus and some stone fruit notes. Tastes great, juicy tropical hops and sweet malt before it finishes bitter and refreshing 4/5

Black’s Black IPA 5.5%
Pours black with Creamy wight head. Looks like a stout, but aromas say otherwise piney coffee and toffee with sweetness. Palate is creamy in feel with roasted notes before citrus and finally bitter coffee. Good effort at Black IPA but I’ve had better. 3/5


Beerd Vigilante 4.8%
Hazy golden colored with a small white head. Fruity aroma of hops citrus and some peach. Fruity flavour of hops with notes of caramel. Hoppy fresh finish. 4.5


The little big hop


Awhile back I sample the Tuatara APA, check it out here. Over the Christmas I have been sampling there little big hop, Tuatara ITI. ITI is te reo Maori for small and this beer might not have the big 5.8% the APA has but it certainly doesn’t lack for hops with Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade. Like it says it’s the perfect session beer for hopheads at 3.3%.

Amber colour with gentle hop aromas loads orange rind with some subdued pine. The flavour has ovetones of APA without the body, slick mouthfeel with citrus flavours and nice bitter finish. 4/5


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