Having enjoyed the movie a few years back a friend decided it would be nice to get me the graphic novel series of Kick Ass for Christmas. And I am glad they did it allowed me to while away those really boring Christmas evenings where the TV was shocking and having forgotten my DVDs it was nice to enjoy some quiet reading even if my 3 year old nephew would interrupt to ask me to hello move his cattle from one shed to another. The novel which inspired the movie is far more graphic in its imagery but also expands more on the characters of Kick Ass and Hit Girl, along with Big Daddy, and Red Mist.

Being a comic novice, although with enough super heroes’ info, Batman, Spidey et al. to know a bit I really enjoyed the non-super-powered heroes of the novel driven by various motives no all selfless and altruistic.  The novel is also a good bit darker and less happy than the movie. Overall I would recommend it as a good read if you are not a fan boy of comics but wouldn’t mind an easy introduction to the genre. Word of warning it is quite laden with the F-word and a few instances of See You Next Tuesday, along with some serious bloody scenes.