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Tins of craft beer

Oskar Blues Brewery is a craft brewery located in Longmont, Colorado. They were one of the first breweries to go down the can route. They are unusual in the business because all of their production is canned.


Mama’s Little Yella Pils 5.3% Pours golden Yella witha small fluffy head that’s disappears quickly. Nose is muted with some grainy and grassy notes. Palate is very light with very little flavour. Nothing special here 2/5

Dales Pale Ale 6.5%
Amber colour when poured with a fluffy head. Citrus aroma and hints of grapefruit hops taste. Lingers in the mouth. Better but still very ordinary 3/5

Last BBQ of the summer

Well the summer was ending, and one of the lads was throwing a BBQ in honour of his birthday and Terminator two judgement day. While they’re was the usual fare burgers, sausages and potato salad, on the beer front I went with two options as I was in the mood for crisp white wines more on another post. First up St.Mels brewing company pale ale

IMG_1123-0.JPG while this was a decent opening drink for the day, it didn’t wow me at all, it was pleasant drinkable but just plan boring, all in all a fairly unremarkable beer! 2/5

Up next Beavertown Black Betty, Black IPA, ABV 7.4%


This beer I very much enjoyed. Pours rich brown with a huge, lasting beige foam head. Aroma holds a loads of resinous pine, with some background berry, citrus and coffee. Medium sweet flavour fronted by that piney goodness, backed by rich and chocolatey malts, and a bit of grapefruit, some dry cocoa. Really enjoyed this beer 4/5. Thanks to Paul for the hook up. Will be seeking more Beavertown beers near by.

Ribera sacra Vel’uveyra Bierzo 2012


The name of the wine means gaze at the vineyard in Galician. This is 100% Mencia from 10 to 60 year old vineyards. Cherry juicy pomegranate fruit on the nose with a touch of mocha oak. The palate edges towards silky with a touch of gritty acidity/mineralty that fades after a some time open to be come really velvety with medium full palate that is really juicy with recurring pomegranate fruits easy tannins and under ripe cherry notes. 4/5

Live blog attempt 1 Bru IPA


Pours amber brown out of the bottle with a fluffy white head. First aromas kinda classic Pale Ale and same for the taste.

2) Head disappeared quickly, second go round on nose gives marmalade citrus, kind of pine resin and some malty hints. The palate is medium full not to bitter and fairly refreshing

3) Flavour profile hasn’t changed much from the start little sweeter maybe. I have to say I wasn’t bowled over by this beer, I’d drink it again bit wouldn’t search it out 2/5

Barbecue Wines


A selection of barbecue wines, given to me by a mate from France I think two or three are available in Ireland.

1) Domaine Begude Pinot Noir 2013
A simple well made commercial style Pinot from South of France with smooth soft red berry and cherry palate 2.5/5

2) Domaine de la Casa Blanca ‘ Colliure’ 2011
100% Grenache Noir gives a big black and red berry compot nose with clove and cinnamon spice. Rich robust and fruity palate 4/5

3) Clos del Rey ‘La Sabina’ 2011
A blend of Syrah and Grenache Noir. Big sweet black jammy fruit nose and palate with decent length on the finish. 3/5

4) Domaine de Nozay Sancerre 2010
Classic Sancerre nose with minerally citrus fruit. The bit of bottle age has lead to a honey citrus flavour on the palate with a touch of slatey quince. 2/3 a little past it I think.

5) Sinson Touraine Sauvignon 2013
More like it for a Loire Sauvignon fresh gooseberry with herbal and minerally notes on the nose. Crisp and refreshing dry palate with nice green citrus fruits4/5

Wyoming Sheep Ranch


Buxton Special Reserve No.5 is an 8.4% big, bold, double IPA. It’s fresh, piney, big-bodied and with a bitterness that’ll slap you in the chops. That’s according to there website. Buxton is a small brewer in Derbyshire whose head brewer is an Irish man called Colin Stronge. Over the last few weeks I’ve tried a selection of they’re beers on tap or in bottle around Galway.

So starting with one of there heavy hitters Wyoming Sheep Ranch at 8.4%. Pours Cloudy, orangey amber colour with average frothy head. Citrusy notes of grapefruit, a touch of resin and pine. The palate is bitter hoppy and caramel malty. The hop notes on the finish has hints of grapefruit, orange and lemon. This beer drinks like a beer of lower abv, it’s a lovely fresh and clean DIPA. 5/5

On the Pigs back

Recently I’ve been fairly busy with work so I haven’t devoted enough time to the maintenance and up keep of this blog. Hopefully that is gonna change, I may have been pretty busy at work but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had a tipples along the way.  

Hogs Back Gardener’s Tipple 4.0% 

Described as a ‘A refreshing “thirst quenching bitter”’ and that’s exactly what it is! Poured amber colour with a quickly fading puffy head. Nice zesty citrus and orange peel over treacle on the nose. The palate gives you exactly the same flavours. A nice balance between sweet malt and bitter hop. A real nice session beer. 4/5

Hogs Back Hop Garden Gold 4.4%

Described as ‘a fine blend of best English malted barley and fresh local Fuggles hops’. This beer pours an Orange/yellow colour, with a quick fading head. with a caramel spice nose. The palate is sweet malty with fuggles spice notes. Not my type of beer but I’m sure it has it’s fans. 2/5



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